Our motto is “WE GRIND. YOU BREW.” It’s not just a catchy tagline – it is our promise to put in the hard work, not only for our own success but for the growth and accomplishments of all the people we touch, from our parts manufacturers to our resellers to the person grinding the coffee, and everyone in between. Our eye is always on the end goal of helping people produce a tasty cup of coffee. It’s why we enjoy what we do every day!

The True Grind.
For 20 years we have been building affordable and reliable home grinders to facilitate and enhance the experience of coffee enthusiasts wherever they are on their coffee journey. We have entry-level grinders, for those starting to use a drip brewer or an Aeropress, and prosumer grinders for the advanced or professionals running a brew bar serving the best single-origin coffees available!

We have pushed the envelope, with innovative firsts for our market like macro/micro grind adjust system for fast and repeatable adjustment; Portaholder to grind hands-free into a portafilter; Grind by Weight; plus Grind by Weight directly into a portafilter. The full range of Baratza grinders and all their features, offer you the ability to create Café quality coffee at home!

Our team – near and far
We create opportunities for our own small team of dynamic people through continuous process improvement – personal, professional, product. We focus on caring for our team by offering good benefits and support for further education. We also create employment for our manufacturers and all the suppliers of parts for our grinders in Taiwan.

We support outreach efforts of organizations working hard in the front end of the supply chain for the coffees we enjoy every day. Our hope is to help improve the lives of the families at origin and feel that the important work being done by organizations like CoffeeKids, Grounds for Health, Equal Origins, Food 4 Farmers and Café Feminino really can make a difference.

The Coffee Community
We recognize that some of the people at the front line of engaging people in enjoying great coffee are baristas and people working in roasting and retail. They are the amazing people that spread the good word about Baratza and the need to have a burr grinder for people who want to make great coffee. They are our unsung heroes, people we don’t often know about or cannot touch individually. To give back to this community that supports us we provide sponsorship for almost every request that comes across our email – TNT’s, Café Openings, Fundraisers, SCA competitions and more. We also partner with our resellers and international importers who we feel mirror our values in supporting coffee enthusiasts on their journey.

We believe that our customers and the Specialty Coffee Industry share our concerns about issues of sustainability across all areas of the coffee chain – from seed to cup. Where we touch that chain is in our grinder design and manufacturing. We’ve been using the slogan #DontDumpItFixIt for many years now as a way to tell people that we build our grinders to give value to you for a very long time. They are not built for obsolescence and overflowing the landfill. Baratza is unique to our market in that we make all our parts available on our website, along with detailed pdfs and videos for how to make repairs yourself. We also offer a repair program for those people who don’t feel comfortable making their own repairs. We have long offered our grinders as refurbs – we take grinders that have been returned to us and upgrade/fix them and give them a new lease of life and delay their deposit in the landfill.

The success of Baratza and our grinders allows us to reinvest in the success of others and we look forward to this ongoing journey of mutual support and benefit.